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  1. Timely Post – as I just came in to work I am listening to Mark & Brian – and they are interviewing this actress on the TV show Big Bang Theory – that just happens to be a Phd in neuroscience. She was on this show called Blossom for years, took 12 years off, got married, had children and got a Phd.

    Then too – to answer this opened-ended question – you may be a geek if you spend time on Blogs like CG talking about Steve Jobs, PARC and Windows vs Linux.

    bill (incognito) – lower case here in honor of Unix, C and Dennis Ritchie, who recently passed away)

  2. Ah, yes, built and flew many like this back in the day. My kids skipped it but I just found a box of old Estes parts and motors and look forward to flying them again when g’children come along.

  3. Anonymous,

    RE:Dennis Ritchie.

    From the article:

    Ritchie’s C is even more important, in many ways, than Unix — it is the fundamental building block upon which much of what we consider to be the modern world was built.

  4. Setbit (btw I like your pseudonym)

    When I learned “C” I couldn’t believe how elegantly simple – efficient – and small – it was.

    And in true “C” fashion, you’re supplied enough rope to hang yourself ;-)

    Get that computer to do all kinds of weird things in memory.

    Compare ‘C” to COBOL – which my friend the super-programmer refers as “You write your program and it is self documenting” – although I have had to go into some COBOL code that
    was so twisted that one time – I patiently walked though 1000 lines of code only to realize on the 3rd day – it was all dead code.

    It did nothing.

    I was told before “C” there was a “B” at Bell Labs – don’t know about “A” ;-)

    bill (incognito)

  5. OK – did Jonathon wear horn-rimmed glasses – taped on at least 1 arm – and have a plastic pocket pen holder?

    Reminds me of the movie October Sky.

    of course on that basis Werner von Braun was most likely a geek…

  6. Estes rockets. Those WERE the days.

    I must ask about the 6 (identical?) rockets. Are there subtle changes changes in each, 6 builders, or what?

  7. I should get with you and shoot some rockets whe I get back to Minooka. I have engines from 1/4 A to G. I would hate to be a fireman responding to a fire at my house. I probably have 300+ model rocket engines stashed there.

  8. taped on at least 1 arm

    I used strips of toilet paper with epoxy, much better than tape. A short length of wire from a paper clip inserted into the screw hole and bent around also works much better than screws for securing the hinges.

  9. Michael Says:
    November 10th, 2011 at 1:24 pm
    Naah, that doesn’t make you a geek. Now, if there were pet lizards in the house…

    Could be. Or if there were a shrine In your garage displaying all the Cox model plane engines you had as a kid…

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