5 thoughts on “What About Norman Mineta?”

  1. TSA is the most visible and risible arm of the Federal Government to many people who are compelled to do business travel. The absurd, Keystone Kops behavior of this pathetic operation should be a basis for Panetta to be fired, let alone asked to resign.

  2. I think it’s clear that Bush must have some really strong reason for keeping Minetta around; Why else has he tolerated Minetta’s persistant sabotoge of the Armed Pilots program?

    I only hope that I didn’t just identify the reason…

  3. Secretary Mineta is a disaster!!! He is a threat to national security by making sure airlines do not use racial profiling. However, do not forget the disastrous Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program at the Department of Transportation. This program is not about equity but lining the pockets of his cronies!!!!

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