The Rumors Are True

Yes, now that he is safely ensconced in office, perhaps forever, George W. Bush intends to put liberals into concentration camps. Here is a top-secret photo taken by one of our clandestine operatives of the guard tower at one of these camps:

Your Worst Nightmare

8 thoughts on “The Rumors Are True”

  1. I have a neighbor who seriously believes we’re going to be putting people into concentration camps. He’s threatening to move to New Zealand. At what point should this just be called Psychosis?

  2. I’m glad I’m a conservative/libertarian/smartass. If the liberals are being sent there, I can’t afford to be one.

  3. Strange thing is, it DOES look like a guard tower.

    NPR had an interesting piece yesterday on the upsurge in Americans making legal inquiries to Canadian lawyers concerning immigration requirements. No word yet on Alec Baldwin’s plans.

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