I Await a Lavish Apology

So, Bill Ayers himself admits that Obama began his political career in Ayers’s living room.

Some people owe me an apology.

Ayers, you may recall, is the leftist intellectual’s Timothy McVeigh (without McVeigh’s murderous competence). The comparison to McVeigh is not hyperbole. The psychology of political terrorists has been well studied by many people in many different countries. All studies conclude that such terrorists are megalomaniacal sociopaths who latch on to the most visible political movement of their time and location and then use that movement’s ideology to justify their crimes. They don’t actually care about the good the ideology purports to accomplish.

Instead, they care about exploiting the ideology to advance their own interest. The ideology merely justifies their sociopathic vainglory. The strategy behind both Ayers’s and McVeigh’s terrorism was to trigger a broad-based political upheaval that would leave individuals such as Ayers and McVeigh on top of society. They rationalized that by killing they could make themselves the pebble that starts the political avalanche. They desperately convinced themselves that they could murder their way to the top like Lenin or Mao.

Ayers never cared about all the things that contemporary leftists care about, and he never will. He doesn’t care about anybody or anything other than himself (although, like all sociopaths, he is very good at convincing people he does). Ayers isn’t a basically good person who went too far in advancing a good cause, he’s just evil. In another era, he would have killed for right-wing causes just as readily.

This makes the contemporary Left’s continuing embrace of Ayers, Dorn and other Weatherman sociopaths even more disturbing. They simply don’t care what these sociopaths did nor what they continue to profess. (Ayers has never recanted his terrorism and even let himself be photographed trampling an American flag in a grimy alley for a NY Times story published on 9/11.)  Neither are leftists concerned in the least that such an individual moved in the same small political circle and continually interacted with the person who is currently the President of the United States. Neither are they concerned that Ayers et al all heartily approve of Obama.

Worst of all, they are utterly unconcerned that Ayers is a prominent national educator with significant influence on the K-12 education of America’s children. In the video where he makes his admission, he is speaking to a group of teachers unionists and urging them to corruptly use their positions of trust as educators of children to advance Ayers’s political agenda. The audience has no problem with doing just that.

I really think that someone in the Chicago area needs to crowd source the tracking of Ayers and to publicly link him to every group or policy he adopts. The hardcore Left doesn’t care about Ayers’s sociopathy and murderous megalomania but I imagine others will.

9 thoughts on “I Await a Lavish Apology”

  1. Lex,

    Well, maybe. I have to wonder if this video didn’t surface as subtle way of beginning the process of throwing Obama himself under the bus. They could create a narrative that Obama lied to them and discussed his radical nature and that is why he failed. A more “moderate” candidate could position themselves as a “new democrat” like Clinton did distance themselves from Obama’s “radical” policies.

    I quess we can tell for sure if this story gets traction.

  2. I see no way the Ds will abandon Obama. The hardcore activists still like him. The bedrock Black constituency, which will vote 90+% for him, would be outraged if they ditched him. The Ds are going stay with the horse they rode in on. He is still above 50 on Intrade. Changing is more risky than just pressing on.

  3. I agree with Lex and I think the smear campaign against Cain is a trial run for what the D’s will do to the Republican candidate in the general election–and their media toadies will be more than happy to give their help to such a campaign. When all is said and done, the nicest thing one can say about these folks is : “they are scum.”

  4. Actually I tend to think that the Left will slowly remove the props that underpin Obama and actively push him out beginning early next year. Their last gasp was the now failed OWS and Holder’s collapse is but a few Democrat pushes away and then the SHTF for the boy wonder. Even the ‘Birthers’ will be vindicated. The Left will be so terrorized of their impending loss of power that IMHO they will do anything to rid themselves of the BHO failure.

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