2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Thanks, it generally was. My brother and i cooked for my parents in my new (well, since mid Sept.) apartment in Stamford CT.

    Salad of bitter greens, hearts of palm, gorgonzola and herring in sour cream. Conundrum NV white by Rutherford.

    Pearl onions and peas in cream sauce.
    Wild rice stir fried with portabello mushrooms, plum tomatoe and raisins.
    Duck braised in sour kraut (Julia Child’s recipe, natch. But i use more roots, and add Shitake mushrooms to the kraut while it is braising.)
    Zinfandel Grandpere 2001 by Renwood.

    Home made Lithuanian farmers cheese, Wisconsin Brie, cherries, pears, dates.
    Port by Warre 1980.

    To me, Duck is sufficient proof of God’s existence, for he made Duck for Man to eat.

    Matya no baka

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