Good News for Conservatives

In the last election, the Democrats had exactly what they said they needed to win. They spent more money per candidate than the Republicans in the Presidential and Senate races, they managed to motivate youthful voters in great numbers, and the national media was so biased that they were actually willing to fight for an obvious fraud if it meant damaging the Republicans.

Yet they still lost the Presidential election, as well as some more seats in both the House and the Senate.

I think one of the main reasons for this incredibly poor showing were the loud, bitter groups that the Democrats courted as a big part of their support. I think most Conservatives would agree with that.

I just came across this news item, which reports that, the odious Left-wing organization that saw nothing wrong with comparing Bush with Hitler, is trying to re-invent itself.

How are they going to survive after they’ve failed so completely in getting their candidate elected? By expanding the list of issues that they want to become involved with. (The article is very well written, and should be read all the way through.)

I was very curious to see how the mid-term elections were going to come out in 2006. If the Democrats didn’t change their message (Republicans are murdering Fascists), and if they didn’t change the way they presented it (BUSHITLER!), then I figured that they were going to lose even more seats in Congress.

But if MoveOn manages to expand and keep at the forefront of Democratic politics, then I don’t have any doubt as to the outcome.

Fellow Columbus, Ohio blogger Citizen Keith has sent me an Email, pointing out that the ads which compared Bush to Hitler weren’t endorsed by Instead they were merely two of 1,500 ads that were submitted and placed on MoveOn’s website during a contest , and they were removed due to complaints. So far, MoveOn hasn’t ever directly compared Bush to Hitler.

6 thoughts on “Good News for Conservatives”

  1. A minor point – the Bush/Hitler ads were selected from among other submissions for inclusion with finalists to be publicly displayed and judged for the contest. While this may not constitute “endorsment”, it’s clear evidence the management of MoveOn considered them as qualified as any other ad submitted to win, with the announced intention of giving the winning ad wide public exposure.

    I don’t see Citizen Keith’s point as invalidating a conclusion MoveOn was prepared to fund a campaign comparing Bush to Hitler prior to the public revulsion at such an ad.

  2. I think David is right. The Bushitler ads were handled that way so that MoveOn could act as if they had nothing to do with it while damning the ads with faint praise. That way they could have their cake and eat it too. That is the demmie way, after all. Of course it is also the republican way as well, but just not so often lately.

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