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  • The Most Dangerous Ground

    Posted by James R. Rummel on December 16th, 2011 (All posts by )

    Neo Mammalian Studios, so far as I can tell, is a group of tech heads who are looking to strike it rich by designing smart phone apps and Internet infographics. I wish them the very best of luck, as I fully understand the desire to acquire wealth through honest work.

    An Email signed Andrea Smart, Communications Director to Neo Mammalian Studios, bring an infographic to our attention. The World According To MURDER!!!

    The United States ranks #10 in the number of dead bodies, but that is because we are a large country with plenty of people. Adjust for population, rank everybody by the murder rate, and we don’t rate much attention at all.

    Interestingly enough, the city with the third highest murder rate in all the world is New Orleans. Doesn’t surprise me, considering that it has always been a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    (Cross posted at Hell in a Handbasket.)


    7 Responses to “The Most Dangerous Ground”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      The New Orleans numbers hint at what would be an even more interesting statistical breakdown: US murder rates by region and ethnicity/culture (and I don’t mean that as code for race). New Orleans and LA, in particular, are an unusual part of the USA culturally.

      Also, the causes of murder vary. In Colombia and Mexico, for example, a lot of what’s called murder might be better described as warfare.

    2. TM Lutas Says:

      A bit of relevant data from Wikipedia:

      And yes, the US does sink down but still is in the upper third for intentional homicide.

    3. Shannon Love Says:

      The strongest predictor of being either a murder or a victim is ethnic group. Increasing murder rates in the US go Asian–>White–>Hispanic–>First American–>African-American.

      African-Americans are the victims and perpetrators of roughly 50% of all US homicides (most are drug related.) Any discussion of murder rates within the US has to be calibrated against the local ethnic distribution. Adjusted for ethnic demographics, the US in whole has the same murder rate as Canada.

      Even among different ethnic groups there are significant subculture variations. Within Asia-Americans the murder rate goes Japanese/Korean–>Vietnamese–>Chinese–>Hmong (or similar.) With whites it goes something likeJewish–>New England English –> Scandinavian –> (several others) –> Scotts-Irish “hillbillies” who have a murder rate in some areas as high as poor, urban African-Americans. Even among African-Americans there are considerable differences between murder rates between recent immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean.

      It’s all about how much permission an individuals culture or subculture gives for them to act out violently. As a general rule, cultures get more violence tolerant in the modern world if they have been historically rural, poor and oppressed as a group e.g. the Irish. Most likely, this results on oppressed people having little recourse to a justice system to settle disputes so they much do so themselves. Reputation and honor become very important to an individuals livelihood and safety which in turn makes them quick to resort to violence to redress slights and broken contracts.

      Leftist’s polices just make all this worse. Government “welfare” programs often lure the poorest of the poor to concentrate in communities where there is very little work. New Orleans is/was a perfect example. Hundreds of thousands of poor African-American were lured into the heart of the city by subsidized housing but then could not escape because the number of low skill entry level jobs has been hopelessly saturated. Honestly, the city is like some horrible medieval rat trap designed to lure the “rats” into the lowest pit in the state and wait for the levees to break so they would drown.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      Adjusted for ethnic demographics, the US in whole has the same murder rate as Canada.

      IIRC the stats are similar for similar ethnic groups in both countries.

      Even among African-Americans there are considerable differences between murder rates between recent immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean.

      That’s what you would expect, since there are big cultural differences between these groups. I suspect you would find that white southerners of Scotts-Irish descent have more in common with black southerners than either group has with members of different ethnic groups with whom they happen to share skin color. Similarly, you might find that black West Indian immigrants have more in common with, say, Chinese immigrants than they do with black Americans who are descendants of slaves.

      Crime rate comparisons that are based mainly on nationality or skin color are often highly misleading.

    5. Nicholas Says:

      I don’t understand why anybody bothers publishing this kind of statistic without adjusting for population.

      It’s like when they compare the cost of something across many years without adjusting for inflation. It’s just meaningless.

    6. ErisGuy Says:

      Info graphics based on government statistics are as reliable as the sources: not very.

    7. Kevin H Says:

      Does this map show the Dominican Republic as part of the US?