3 thoughts on “Well, Why Not?”

  1. A great article.

    Does anyone here still remember about the Lisbon Strategy? That was supposed to transform Europe into the largest economic and most advanced technological society of the world by 2010? That´s the kind of grandiose project mentality that brought the ruin of many empires. I suspect that in the end most of the enormous pool of funds allocated for this patronizing goal wound up in failed real estate projects, hotels, residential complexes, shopping centers and millions of Europeans on living on welfare and refusing to work so as not to lose Brussels’s holy assistance. Instead of developing universities, factories and investigation centers, as was the original European vision of the project.

    I think the differences between Britain and her continental partners are historical and irreversible, Britain´s liberal heritage has given the world rich and thriving societies like Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand and shown the way to prosperity to many other nations that now follow those recipes for economic growth and stability. Can anyone say the same about the France´s economic and government model or Germany´s? I don´t think so, yet they want to impose their particular vision to the rest of Europe.

    I definitely think Britain belongs with Canada and the US by nature of economics, language, institutions, culture and philosophical views of the world they want to live in.

    Happy New Year

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