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  • Richmond Golf Club, Sudbrook Park, England, Temporary Rules: 1940

    Posted by Dan from Madison on February 1st, 2012 (All posts by )


    8 Responses to “Richmond Golf Club, Sudbrook Park, England, Temporary Rules: 1940”

    1. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      Wherever did you find this? English golfers are very serious about sticking to the rules, but I guess modifications must be made when dealing with bombs. Sometimes I drop a bomb on my scorecard. I know I have blown up during many rounds of golf.

    2. Dan from Madison Says:

      I honestly can’t remember where I found it – on one of the sites I was trolling today.

    3. Bill Brandt Says:

      “A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced….”

      That has to be one ballsy golfer!

    4. dearieme Says:

      I was reading a book by the historian Jack Wheeler-Bennett the other day, and saw that he’d been shell-shocked as a youngster by a German bomb dropped on his school in southern England in WWI.

    5. T.K. Tortch Says:

      The club survived the bombs:

    6. Alan K. Henderson Says:

      Man, that could have inspired a great Monty Python skit.

    7. Jim Miller Says:

      Snopes says it’s true — and has some links.

    8. Con Chapman Says:

      The Greatest Generation–also The Craziest.