Slow News Day

So JibJab has a new flash movie up, poking fun at President Bush’ recent win and the Democrat’s disappointment with same.

Fair enough, but CNN’s Headline News is showing the movie in it’s entirety. They show it right before cutting to commercial, and then they lede with a report about violence in Iraq.

But that’s not really significant because they have a story every 15 minutes about Iraq, all of them negative. (I’m still waiting for them to air a positive report about the situation in Iraq. They might have in the past, but if so then it was so fleeting that I’ve never seen one.) I suppose the big question is why they wasted time with the JibJab movie when they could have devoted the time to yet more items that painted our efforts in a negative light.

No liberal bias to see here. Move along.

2 thoughts on “Slow News Day”

  1. I am wondering..I haven’t really watched CNN in earnest for at least 5 years or so….but did CNN get more of a liberal slant since then as fallout of Ted Turner’s hissy fit over someone else(namely, Rupert Murdoch |sp?|) actually having more media clout than himself….and the fact that Rupert has a conservative news organization?

    I still laugh at Ted’s sliding scale of measurement of “too much media power”….it basically adjusts as necessary to somewhere just above himself…

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