Those That Forget History….

More than 10 years ago, the Israel and the PLO worked out the Oslo Accords. This was an agreement where Israel was to allow the Palestinians to form armed internal police forces, which were then supposed to confiscate weapons and forcibly disband terrorist cells. The PLO itself, on the verge of achieving a Palestinian state, would disband. Israel would relinquish some of the territory that had been seized for Jewish settlements, and the Palestinians would hold free and fair elections in order to form a legitimate government instead of being run by a bunch of terrorist organizations.

This was pretty much just the first steps, though. The idea was to eventually have a nation called Palestine which would rule its own territory and leave the Israelis alone, while Israel returned the favor.

A few of the first steps were actually completed. Some of the Jewish settlements were bulldozed and the land was returned to the Palestinians. The Palestinians were allowed to form armed internal security forces. Next step was elections.

Didn’t happen. The newly armed secruity forces recruited and armed many more gunmen than they said they would, many of them murderous terrorists. Of course, the first thing these guys wanted to do was use their shiny new AK’s and murder even more people.

And do you think that the “police” even tried to shut the PLO down or arrest terrorists? Don’t make me laugh.

I’m reminded of this painful episode of naivete on the part of the Israelis because of this news item. The terrorist organization Hamas is claiming that they’ll agree to a “truce” if Israel releases thousands of Palestinian prisoners. They also want the Israelis to redeploy their troops away from Gaza. Don’t worry about Jewish civilians after the army pulls out, Hamas says, because they’ll station Palestinian police forces in order to protect them.

Does anyone else see a pattern here? Or is it just me?

Francis Porretto says that calling a truce simply to gather strength for further hostilities is a favored Islamic tactic.

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  1. Does anybody know when Abbas’ term expires? Seriously, I’ve been having a hard time figuring out when he’s up for reelection. One man, one vote every time the maximum leader dies is not a democracy, it’s an elective monarchy.

  2. An other favorite tactic is… for the Israeli government to buldozzed some almost empty settlements for the international media when members of the same goverment speed up help to new or already existing settlements.
    It happened during the Oslo accords and was one of the reason for its failure.

    Both Palestinian and israeli have to clean up their plate.

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  4. Peter, to be polite about it, you’re smoking dope. Oslo failed because the Palestinian leadership preferred making war on Israel over making a sincere attempt to reach a negotiated settlement.

    In this regard I have never understood why it is unacceptable for some Jews to live as a minority in whatever Palestinian state results from an Israeli-Palestinian deal. There are 1.5M Arabs living in Israel and nobody thinks twice about it. Yet for some reason people insist that the coming Palestinian state be judenrein — as though the prospect of a few tens of thousands of Jews living under Palestinian Arab authority were somehow offensive. I don’t understand why a Jewish minority presence would be a problem. Nor do I understand why Arab unwillingness to tolerate a Jewish minority doesn’t raise questions about Arab motives.

    Perhaps you will explain this for us.

  5. The Oslo Accords failed because of future extremist Israeli politicians who have been unwilling to compromise. In 1993 when Rabin and Arafat shook hands on the lawn of the White House, it seems like the Oslo Accords would lead to future peace. However, rather than make gradual land concessions as they had promised to the Palestinians, the Jews increased their settlements in such areas.

    The mass media has made the Jewish people seem like the victims. They have maliciously oversimplified the whole issue – labelling the Arabs as terrorists and the Jews as the poor victims. The moment someone dares to speak out against the Jews they are labelled as anti-Semitic.

    Also the Jewish government constantly brings up the Holocaust to cover up their actions… Reality is – Once victims themselves, the Jews in Israel have become oppressors…

    And likwidshoe get over it! The Palestinians do not hate the Jews. Sure they are hostile towards them though… millions of Palestinians are dying from the bullets of Jewish riffles everyday!!!

    All I think is that the media should get its facts straight… and the governments of both sides should starts taking a moderate rational stance.

  6. “millions of Palestinians are dying from the bullets of Jewish riffles everyday!!!”

    Do you really expect any one to take you seriously?

  7. The moment someone dares to speak out against the Jews they are labelled as anti-Semitic.

    That’s because people who speak out against the Jews are generally anti-Semites.

  8. “…speak out against the Jews …”

    Anybody who uses this expression IS anti-semitic.

    It is a crazy old world. How the Hell hard is it to understand this?

  9. Well, there’s always the stray retarded child – they, too, can be suckered into this rite. (Of course, Lex’s comment & this one now look a bit crazy.)

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