4 thoughts on “Just Unbelievable”

  1. There’s a simple cure, any commercial pilot with a concealed carry permit in one state is granted the ability to carry in all 50 states and to carry as a pilot. Now you can cut the other 12.5 million for the FFDO program.

    Legislation to achieve this would drive the left *insane*.

  2. FFDO requires special training, and last I heard, that training was generally at the pilot’s own expense–not all airlines pick this cost up.

    The writer Ernest Gann, who flew for the airlines in the 1930s, said that in that era all pilots carrying U.S. mail…which encompassed substantially all airline pilots…were REQUIRED to be armed.

  3. Michael – I loved Fate Is The Hunter

    With Sgt Mom’s Cannonball story makes you wonder how much is fate and how much is just “being in the wrong place at the wrong time”…

    My best Gann story – in one of the flying mags when he was alive he took a commuter plane to the mainland – the weather was awful – the pilot in the small plane made a decent landing and as Gann was stepping off – told him “nice landing”

    I am sure that pilot was on cloud 9 for some time…

    Like having Yeager compliment your flying I guess (or close to it!)

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