Richard Lugar just hung up on me

I just got an anonymous call from Indianapolis, a hang up from the number 317-550-1990. This is annoying and potentially illegal if what’s going on is an attempt to put robo-calls on answering messages. So I look up the number as a search and find as the top link. It’s a Richard Lugar hate fest there with people swapping stories about how they are going to vote for Mourdock and how they’ve annoyed the Lugar people when the call connects.

There are obscure forums out there that the politicians don’t even know exist and they’re invisibly undermining them.

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  1. Many senators and congressmen have very little personal contact with their constituents, and in normal times few care. There has been no normal times since the housing bust caused by the govt. forcing banks to make loans to people with poor credit records and nothing down. Obama is the real founder of the tea party by scorning the will of the people and forcing obama care on everybody. Instead of listening he has doubled down on stupid and the townhall meetings are going to be less civil because people are angry at the way they have been ignored. half a million people went to Washington to get the response from pelosi and the black caucus accuse them falsely of being racist and her over sized authority gavel swung in their face but none were allowed in their offices to talk to them. this proved that public demonstration were useless for people that want to curb govt.. They have to come back to the people to get re-elected and they better not be arrogant with i know what is best and you are dumb bible clingers attitude.

  2. I am hopeful that the Indiana GOP primary will make Lugar retire. I also hope that Voters in Utah send the same message to Orin Hatch.

  3. My answering machine seems to get a lot of hang ups. I thought the computers could detect answering machines – either they can’t or I have a very clever machine.

    It gives me a perverse pleasure in knowing some telemarketer is getting just a little aggravation for all the aggravation they have caused me.

    Yes I am on the do not call list but they apparently don’t apply to intra state calls.

    The few times i have gotten calls from polling companies I have refused because what they claim is usually “a few questions” goes 20 minutes – and besides you don’t even know why they represent.

    I would like to see all of these politicians who have taken root in DC retired.

    Perhaps house ownership should be the litmus test.

    Lugar is certainly one of them.

    As far as hate fest calls they usually have the opposite effect on me.

  4. I had a little fun with “Rachel from cardholders’ services.”

    “What’s wrong with my credit card? Are you from the bank? Who is this? I paid that! Is this about my MasterCard or my Visa? Is there something wrong with my credit card?” Then repeat some of the above, with more questions and inane comments. I had no pressing engagements (between assignments) and finally got him to hang up after 10 minutes. Maybe it’s advancing age, but I can do a pretty fair approximation of senility.

    I also lie to poll-takers.

  5. I also lie to poll-takers.

    Yes, indeed, to lie to pollsters, or at least refuse to talk to them, is very patriotic American’s duty.

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