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  • Quote of the Day

    Posted by Jonathan on March 28th, 2012 (All posts by )

    From an interview of Ion Mihai Pacepa, the former head of the Romanian intelligence service under Ceausescu, by Madeleine Simon:

    14. Since coming to America, what most positively surprised you about the country, and what has most negatively surprised you?
    What most negatively surprised me? A 2008 Rasmussen poll showing that only 53% of Americans preferred capitalism to socialism. There seems to be a new generation of American young people who have no longer been taught real history in school, who know little if anything about the destructive power of Marxism — a sinister plague that dispossessed a third of the world’s population and killed some 94 million people — and who believe that a socialist utopia would solve everything in the world.


    8 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

    1. Michael Kennedy Says:

      And he’s right ! I have three adult children, two of them lawyers, who don’t understand this distinction,

    2. LibertyAtStake Says:

      The 53% number somehow neatly aligns with the reported 47% who pay no taxes at all.

      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    3. Ginny Says:

      and may explain the (otherwise hard to believe) Iowa trade #s

    4. Bill Brandt Says:

      There is a saying concerning family wealth building – “Coveralls to Coveralls in 3 generations”

      The grandfather makes the money

      The son keeps the business going but has a lavish lifestyle

      The grandson has a lavish lifestyle

      Meaning the tendency to forget things not experienced (ie, the difficulty in creating wealth) is complete by the 3rd generation.

      So that is a factor – but then there were die hard leftists during the cold war (and earlier) who thought communism was great.

      So maybe it is a factor of the 2.

    5. Michael Kennedy Says:

      The Chinese version is “First generation- coolie, second generation- merchant, third generation- rich man, fourth generation- coolie.

    6. TMLutas Says:

      The US has been too polite to its communists and everybody pretends that there is no blood dripping from their hands. There is a polite looking away that does not serve the country well.

    7. Bob Agard Says:

      Linked here:

    8. PenGun Says:

      Chasing down the 94 million number I find there is also a Black Book of Capitalism with very similar numbers.