Taking Credit, Taking the Blame

Remember back when you were a kid. Did your Mom or Dad ever say that you were supposed to tell the truth if you did something bad? Own up to it and take your lumps?

If you’re a productive, supportive member of society then something like this must have happened. Personal responsibility is the lesson.

Cori over at Rantingprofs has the scoop. MSNBC reported that the lead judge in the upcoming trial of Saddam Hussein was assassinated. The spin was that Iraq was such a dangerous and out-of-control place that the terrorists can kill anyone, even someone who had been living under such extreme security measures that his identity was kept secret.

Cori points out that the author of the MSNBC report seems to have forgotten that the judge’s identity wasn’t so secret after all. It had been published by Robert Fisk.

It eventually turned out that the first reports were in error, and the judge was safe. That still doesn’t excuse what appears to either be an attempt to ignore the facts in order to present a negative image, or an effort to cover for a fellow journalist that put an innocent man’s life in danger.