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  1. Is that along Rt 66? If so and Texas it would be across the Panhandle. I think it is I40 – but the old Rt 66 sometimes follows it and you see long-abandoned service stations along the abandoned road – My most memorable Rt 66t (Texas Edition) stop is here – http://www.bigtexan.com/

    And no I didn’t even try to eat that 4.5 lb steak….

    Michael – what’s the difference between the ’51 and a ’50? (or was it ’52?)

    Those were the days – where a Ford looked like a Ford, a Chevy…and so on.

  2. @Bill – there is a “Fordomatic” emblem on the back of the car. If memory serves, that makes this one a ’51. For those who don’t know, Fordomatic = automatic transmission.

  3. @Dan – you are more tuned to those little things than me! The best I can do is tell a 55 T Bird from a ’56 (the ’56 has the side opening vent) – and a 66 Mustang from a ’65 (grill)

  4. Not along Rte 66 – We took it along 77/183, a bit north of Goliad. The last time we were along that way, the car was gone – but the old roadside grocery and gas station was still there.

  5. and a 66 Mustang from a ’65 (grill)

    The “vent” chrome behind the doors is usually easier to catch in passing. The gas cap and wheel covers are different too, but they get swapped out pretty often. Now, figure out how to tell the 64 1/2 from the 65… I’ve been over mine a dozen times with a list of differences and about half say one thing and half the other….

    I’ve just about decided that Ford just switched the parts in various bins as the new ones came in and there is no clear line between the two….

  6. John – a pretty rare Mustang is the one with the 260 V8 – was that only 64 1/2?

    I am old enough to remember the excitement of that car – people went crazy. lee Iaccoca’s idea – just a re-skinned Ford Falcon.

    In 1981 I was on a sales trip in Phoenix (in August no less – never claimed I was “smart”) – anyway in little used car lot I saw an old Cobra in the back with a 260 – I wonder what that would be worth today.

  7. Roy is correct. It’s a 1954 Ford, the year Ford changed from flat-head engines to overhead valve engines.

  8. I thought it was a ’54 Ford, but was tripped up when someone above said 1950 or ’51.
    Dad had one when he ran, uh, beverage delivery out of Baker Co., Florida.

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