Kids and careers.

I thought that, since I described my daughter as beautiful, I should provide some evidence.

Here she is with her mother.

That’s Arizona behind them.

Lest I slight my other daughter, here is Claire with the Rosetta stone a few years ago.

I have one more but no recent photo. She’s the FBI agent and doesn’t like photos. She has been trying to recruit Claire, who speaks Arabic, for years.

9 thoughts on “Kids and careers.”

  1. Daughter # 1 (in the pictures) has a smile as pretty as her face – Daughter # 2 (Claire) – I can see she is pretty but can see an intelligence too.

    And daughter #3 – you could post her picture but then she’d have to kill you ;-)

    I can see her hesitancy being with the FBI.

  2. Those girls have worked since they were in high school. All t5hree went to private high schools but had jobs after school. Both my sons also worked, the younger was a fire explorer scout and is now a fireman. That’s all he ever wanted to do. The paper routes I had are not an option for them anymore. The #3 daughte3r worked as a bank teller in college and got held up twice. Both times she kept her head and gave the robber the “bait pack” which explodes in red powder when he goes out the door.

  3. When I was a teller we had a robbery where the teller forgot the blast pack. The thief noticed it in the drawer and told her he wanted all the money. He had already put the drawer contents in his bag, so when she handed him the pack, he quickly put it in his rear pocket and made his getaway. He was apprehended at the ER being treated for a burnt butt.

  4. Yes, beautiful family, MK. (I also especially liked the Parisian pictures you posted earlier….)

    – Madhu

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