8 thoughts on “Bring the Ride”

  1. Nice ’61 (or ’62) Caddy.

    When GM was GM, and King.

    Picture as a n air of surrealism….

  2. It is a sort of Beverly Hills without hills.

    The surreal look is from running it through my current favorite software.

    Is that really a ’61/62? I thought it was a ’59/60.

  3. looks like Orlando to me.

    The big V-8 truck motor drove a hugely effective air conditioner too.

  4. Jonathon – I have since learned there are people on here who can tell the difference between a 64 1/2 and 65 Mustang (very difficult) so I am not in their league ;-)

    But the 59 is almost a symbol for the 50s – huge fins – the 60 was a lot more refined looking – smaller fins – 61 and 62 looks almost identical and I am sure there is someone who will come along that can tell us all ;-)

    It is a beautiful picture –

  5. The ’59 has almost become a symbol for the excess of the 50s – used to be someone in town with a red 59 convertible, huge whitewall tires (I remember as a kid washing my parent’s cars and taking an SOS pad to those tires!) – it was about 6,000 lbs, too.

    But talk about a presence – white top – bright red paintwork – you knew he was coming a mile away!

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