Around Chicago May 2012

Recently I was walking in River North and a restaurant was touting their “local farming” element. Fine but that hay bale seemed to be sprouting some extra fungus. I don’t think Dan would feed it to his animals.

I liked this gull on a lamp.

Dan and I have an ongoing complex analysis going on linking the city of Baltimore and tattoos of the skull variety. Here is a high end rug for the richest drug dealer in that town.

As part of the ongoing series “Cars that Should Not be Left in the Street” I bring you – a Bentley convertible.

Last and least the giant garish statue of the famous girl with her skirt blowing up.

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5 thoughts on “Around Chicago May 2012”

  1. MK you would have gone crazy seeing the Bentley exhibit of a few years ago at the Monterey Historics. Picture 2 dozen – all mid 20s – early 30s- British racing Green – lined up. heir owners had brought them here from all over the world. I have a pic somewhere if you want it.

  2. Although you kind of wonder if some of the people who consider eating in that restaurant see the hay and think, hmm, what about the food…

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