New! – Chicagoboyz Outdoor-Product Endorsements

These products have been tested and approved by the crack Chicagoboyz research staff (not to be confused with the Chicagoboyz crack-using staff), so you know they’re good:

This is the best insect repellent I’ve found, at the best price I’ve found. Essentially it’s pure deet. Works great in extremely buggy conditions. Might be overkill for the typical outdoor barbecue, but there’s no doubt the mosquitoes will avoid you if you use this stuff.

Notes: Not tested for use against sharks or vampire bats. Tastes terrible. Dissolves some rubbers and plastics.

This mosquito head-net works great in outdoor situations when you’d rather not spray bug repellent all over your face and head. Cut long and has a drawstring, so you can easily drape the net over your shirt collar and still have plenty of room to move your head without letting bugs in at the bottom of the net.

Notes: Wear this net with a hat that has a circular brim to hold the netting (and bugs) away from your skin. This product has been determined by the State of California to cause involuntary celibacy.

This bicycle tail light is the bomb. It’s very bright when set to flash and motorists can see it for hundreds of yards. I often keep mine on during the day because it’s visible even under bright conditions. Here is an updated version with twice the brightness of the original light. This is the version that I recommend even though I have only used the original version. You can find brighter tail lights but they tend to cost a lot more. These Planet Bike flashers are excellent for the price.

Notes: If you want to be really safe, stop riding your bike altogether.