20 thoughts on “Food Groups”

  1. The four basic food groups are grease, salt, sugar, and caffeine.

    I guess we are drawing a line in the sand against Michelle Bloomberg.

  2. One fair particularly noted for those food groups is the Minn state fair, where they have taken deep frying to an art form ;-)

  3. then there’s chickenfried bacon (the inventor died a couple of weeks ago but the art lives on)

  4. Just read that MN is known for their “deep fried cheese curds”.

    Is WI going to take this challenge sitting down? ;-)

  5. Amazing. Your food groups are all poison. It does explain the incredible pictures of American crowds we marvel over in the rest of the world.

  6. Jonathan – do they have deep-fried Three Musketeers?

    Wolfgang Puck – eat your heart out ;-)

    Actually at our California State Fair they actually have some pretty good stuff – like deep fried (seems to be a central theme with state fairs) – anyway – deep fried artichoke hearts and zucchini.

    I don’t think they are up to WI or MN standards though ;-)

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