The Real Drone Future

It may not be DHS/EPA flying a big Predator over your farm or subdivision and drawing the attention of thousands of voters. (People will learn how to spot those things even if they’re at 60k feet.) More likely it’ll be small, cheap technology in the hands of individuals. For good or bad? Probably both like every other technology. Right now the most obvious use is by people making videos, but that will probably change.

The equipment used to make this video (via Guy Kawasaki) probably cost in the low four figures at most. It will only get cheaper. It’s probably only a matter of time before inexpensive video links for flying these devices remotely will be available, if they aren’t already (were the guys who made this video using one? — it looks like they may have been). And all of the equipment will get smaller with time.

You couldn’t have made this video with any technology available a few years ago.

(More videos here.)

2 thoughts on “The Real Drone Future”

  1. To quote my pals mom in the ’70’s: “Won’t it be wonderful when everyone has assertiveness training?” Imagine your neighborhood’s sky cluttered with these spy-in-the-sky toys.

    I can only say one thing: ” . . . PULL! . . . “ ; )

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