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Yesterday on my drive from work to the gym there were people on overpasses, kids on corners, and others – mostly with Barrett signs. It is Madison, after all. Today is the big day of the recall election. I expect my drive home today to be nuts.

Speaking of nuts, there are a certain segment of people who will lose their minds if Walker wins. Like this guy below.

I pulled up to an intersection and this guy was standing there, holding a Barrett sign, waving non stop at every car that went by. Some honked, some gave him the finger. He never flinched, never stopped waving.

I thought about this for a second and remembered something I think Shannon Love mentioned in these pages. The left take this stuff SO seriously it is like religion to them. The right and folks like myself just want to get it over with, and find something better to do, like go to work and all that.

Anyways, I will be glad when this is all over. And then we get to vote again in August for the fall primaries. That will be the seventh time in less than a year I have voted. It has been a non stop blizzard of TV and radio ads, lawn signs, “protests”, marches, hand shakes, robocalls, and all the rest. What a nightmare. I don’t wish this on any of you in other states.

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  1. As Stalin once said, what matters is who counts the votes. Ask Senator Coleman. Let’s hope it isn’t close.

  2. Hugh Hewitt was interviewing someone from WI yesterday and they too said things will get ugly if Walker wins.

    If our choice is between Walker losing and things “getting ugly” let’s cross our fingers and hope for “ugly”.

  3. @Jason – that is a very good question.

    @Bill – I don’t know how it can possibly get any uglier as far as the political scene goes. If you are talking about getting ugly with riots and physical violence, I don’t see that happening. Sure there might be more “protests” and drum banging, but we are so used to that it isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Isn’t that sad?

  4. I don’t wish this on any of you in other states.

    I’ve always felt for people in Iowa, who have a conga line of presidential aspirants and the accompanying campaign/media locusts disrupttheir lives every four years.

    However, you guys in Wisconsin are truly in hell. My blood pressure would redline if I had to live with that nonsense.

  5. @Percy – it is literally everywhere, literally all the time. I have been spending more time at my farm. My animals don’t seem to have any political leanings at this time.

  6. Actually, waving signs at traffic from public property is a pretty benign form of political activism. In our small town, at what is the busiest and most traveled intersection, both major parties and the TEA Party do it every so often during the political season. Supporters going by honk. Opponents gesture by displaying their IQ score. A good time is had by all. Note that the signs are normal political signs and not R or X rated. And that we do not interfere with traffic flow. Compared to turning your state capitol building into a sanitary land fill, the guy is actually almost “normal”; albeit “not quite right” because of who/what he supports.

    OK, I will admit that we had maybe a half dozen Paulistas during the #Occupy fiasco for a couple of days, waving pro-#Occupy and pro-Ron Paul signs; but we just laughed at them and they left.

    If the Left “gets ugly” after the vote, that is their responsibility; and the consequences are on them.

    Stay safe.

    Subotai Bahadur

  7. “Stay safe.” I have never felt unsafe this whole time, even when they were trashing the capitol. Then again, I don’t let my wife and kids hang around down on the square either when I know there is a “protest”.

  8. In DC there used to be a guy, maybe he is still there, who picketed daily for years on a street corner across from the Vice President’s official residence. He was opposed to the Catholic Church because of the sex-abuse scandals, or something like that. I realize that there is no connection but the waving guy in your pic reminds me of the DC protester.

  9. Makes you wonder what the DC guy did for a living – besides the dole, of course. And I wonder often how the “protesters” and others find the time to do this stuff.

  10. Dan,

    “My animals don’t seem to have any political leanings at this time.”

    I suspect your animals would start leaning in an anti-Republican direction if they knew how many of the anti-Walker protestors are also pro-PETA.

  11. You’ll be happy to know that while I was out walking on the National Mall today, along came tourists with anti-Walker t-shirts on. Presumably they had voted ahead of time.

  12. “Same day registration” in Wisconsin……sheesh……..we may not know the results for days.

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