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  • “Do readers of liberal and conservative blogs live in two different countries?” (Part III)

    Posted by Jonathan on June 5th, 2012 (All posts by )

    (Earlier posts in this series are here and here.)

    Here’s another graphic based on data from the survey run by BlogAds click here to see their discussion) that I discussed in my earlier posts:

    BlogAds blog-reader survey results 3

    The differences in opinion between the self-identified liberals and conservatives aren’t surprising but the magnitudes of the differences are.

    I suggested to the BlogAds representative who told me about the survey that BlogAds should make the data set publicly available. We’ll see if they do, though it may be that most of the meaningful information is already shown in the graphics that BlogAds has provided.

    (Chicago Boyz is a BlogAds affiliate.)


    2 Responses to ““Do readers of liberal and conservative blogs live in two different countries?” (Part III)”

    1. Michael Kennedy Says:

      The numbers on spending are truly amazing. That the left thinks things are moving in the right direction is another amazing fact. It really is two worlds. I wonder what the lefties will do when Illinois and California go broke. When their pensions stop, maybe it will get their attention. My son is a fireman working for the state system. Fortunately, his wife has a very good home based business.

    2. betsybounds Says:

      Some years ago I read a liberal’s column in the Washington Post. When I finished it I thought, “These people simply do not see the same world when they look out of their eyes that I see when I look out of mine.” It’s really that simple–and that frightening.