Email to Lex

Check out this post on the Chase me ladies blog.

Read the comments, particularly Hutton’s exchange with “Quico” (Francisco Toro). (Quico is a serious Venezuelan journalist who writes, or used to write, the Caracas Chronicles blog that Instapundit used to link to a lot.) Hutton is surprisingly on the ball. Note also that he mentions Anthony Daniels (Theodore Dalrymple) on Romania. He also mentions Daniels in the previous post.

There are some really sharp people out there, and now they are coming to the surface via blogs. One wouldn’t expect to see, in a mainstream-media humorist or fashion commentator, the kind of wide-ranging intelligence that one sees so frequently in bloggers like Hutton and Manolo.

[I have edited this for the blog. JG]

4 thoughts on “Email to Lex”

  1. Johnathan,
    You made my day by pointing my eyes at the Chase me ladies blog. I spit up my Australian Shiraz in laughter.

    My favorite Hutton post title is, “KIM JONG IL WOULDN’T DO THAT- IT’S IRRATIONAL”

    This guy’s on fire. What a laugh!

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