3 thoughts on “New BlogAds Poll Question”

  1. Is there any requirement that the voters read and understand the opinion?

    Rhetorical question … .

  2. This is not a proper poll along several dimensions. A way to improve it might be to pose the same question now and in a few months and compare the results.

  3. I did the “three quick questions” a couple of times just for fun. But the last time I tried, I hit a question that gave me only alternatives that were false. “How frequently do you vote in local, state, and federal elections? (1) Only in major elections; (2) Always; (3) Rarely/Never.” I vote in all major elections, but I also vote in most (but not all) minor elections. Since there is no alternative that matches this (and no way to say “none of the above”), I hang up.

    Who writes these things?

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