6 thoughts on “Connectivity”

  1. Great, great graphic. Thank you. It does bring up a chicken-and-egg question. As I mention in my link here, I wonder what a color-coded version of this map (by nation of ownership) would show?

  2. Lex, “Can you identify Core, Gap, Emerging Core from this graphic alone?”

    Allowing for disparities in the population densities of the desert and mountain regions of “Core” countries, like Australia and Chile, yes, you can. “Emerging Core” countries that inhabit archipelagos, like Indonesia, are not so clearly defined.

  3. Steve, I agree. Taking the fact that some places are just empty, you can see the “connectivity” density in the Core areas very clearly as dense black, where coastal India and China, which are New Core are less dense.

  4. plus, this image is from ’99. A cuurrent image might already show some changes in ’emerging core’ areas.

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