Around Chicago July 2012

Upper left – we have been having some crazy storms here in Chicago along with the heat. This red art sculpture was knocked down by the micro-burst last weekend as I drove through the rain. Upper right – I remember in my marketing class that you could sell on “price” or “quality”. This car dealer is clearly going with the “price” approach. Middle left – two girls on a scooter on the Eisenhower in heavy traffic is a bad idea.
Middle center – the beautiful Nissan GTR supercar valet parked in front of a hip restaurant in River North. Middle right – are we in Russia? $5 Vodka? Lower left – a monster Red Bull truck dwarfs traffic in a spot on Wacker Drive. Lower right – the Protein Bar, a place where non-obese Chicago citizens (there are a few of them) tend to congregate and eat healthy food. Highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “Around Chicago July 2012”

  1. My sister keeps me updated on the numbers of murders each weekend. No way I would hear about them on the news.

  2. I’d hate to think what those women on the scooter would look like falling on the pavement. Not “road rash” – “hamburger helper”?

    On the marketing Carl – I think consumers these days want both – but of course can’t have it.

  3. Ha ha that girl in your shot was better. A friend of mine was in Japan at a baseball game and he sent me a photo of the beer girls who were cute and sharply dressed unlike the semi derelict beer vendors we have in the US. I have been to 100,000 sporting events and never seen an attractive female beer vendor.

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