Two Men, One Pizza

Jay Manifold and I got together this past Saturday as he passed through South Florida on his way back from Haiti, which he has visited several times in recent years. Jay has some interesting and quite positive reports from his trip and perhaps will share them here.

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5 thoughts on “Two Men, One Pizza”

  1. Jay is as handsome as ever. (I need to claim that barbecue offer from some years ago one of these days.)

  2. What are you doing in Florida in July ?

    I had lunch with my college roommate last Friday. He lived in Florida for a while but now lives in Palm Desert. He rented an apartment in Laguna Niguel for the summer. I hadn’t seen him in 50 years. We both look a lot older. It’s 115 in Palm Desert this week. I don’t want to think about Florida.

    My favorite movie about Florida is “Wind Across the Everglades” with Burl Ives. It’s pretty racist. I saw it in a theater near USC in Los Angeles where we were almost the only whites in the theater. Interesting experience. I wouldn’t dream of trying it today.

  3. Florida sojourn is with family in Jacksonville, where I will be briefly shouldering the burden of maternal care usually borne by my sister. It’s actually quite a bit cooler here than it is in KC at the moment.

    My conversation with Jonathan was a rare opportunity to touch on topics unfamiliar to most of my friends at home, who are relatively aware of technological issues but rather less so when it comes to, eg, cadastral surveys and the works of Hernando de Soto (the economist, not the conquistador).

    Lex, your BBQ and trip to the National WWI museum await.

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