Case Studies in Marketing

Study 1: ACME Office Supplies



Problem: Drab, lifeless graffiti on delivery truck saps authenticity, loses business in key yuppie-poser demographic.

Recommendation: More color.

Result: Recommendation implemented by client, sales up 2900%.

Advantage: ChicagoBoyz

Study 2: Homestead Air Force Base

Wind 010 at 10, trees on runway. . .

Problem: Cuban threat not what it used to be, killer overhead, taxpayers starting to notice.

Recommendation: Diversify into tropical house plants, plow up runway, convert control tower to CNC irrigation hub.

Result: Recommendation implemented by client, plant biz a hit (entire first crop bought by Chinese govt), F-16s sold off on eBay, US federal budget deficit reduced by $37B.

Advantage: ChicagoBoyz

Study 3: General Motors. . .

2 thoughts on “Case Studies in Marketing”

  1. Genius Jonathan, pure genius. Your recommendation prompted ACME to at least hide the negativity and homophobia that segments of the market may find in their original advertising. This would allow them to tap into the previously untargeted segments as well as limit their potential future legal liability.

  2. Is this the same ACME that used to supply rocket powered roller skates to Wylie Coyote? And Batman suits? And do-it-yourself steamroller kits? What they need is a cartoon coyote saying ‘I get all MY stuff from ACME’.

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