Remembering Fallen Comrades

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Yahoo News has a good slide show for the VE Day 60th anniversary commemorations from around the world, with emphasis on Moscow. Skip past the egregious political pictures. At first I thought it bad form, until I realized they have nothing on the men in uniform. It is their day. In my book, no one can detract from what they’ve done.

Update: It looks like Yahoo updates the slide show continuously. Many of the original pictures I saw are not there any more. Which is a shame.

Here’s a history lesson: the Veteran on the right has a simple gold star on red ribbon above all his other medals. That gold star is the award for “Hero of the Soviet Union”, which is the highest award given by the Russian armed forces during World War II, equivalent to our Congressional Medal of Honor. Whatever he did to earn it, I’m sure was nothing short of spectacular.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Fallen Comrades”

  1. Right. It’s their day. Ten years from now there will be only a handful of them left.

    One picture of the veterans outweighs any number of pictures of Chirac, Schroeder, or the German neo-Nazis.

  2. That’s the sad part. I keep thinking, the youngest who fought in 1945 is approaching 80 today. I wish them good health and many more years.

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