Eddie Albert has died.

He was best known for his role in the TV comedy Green Acres, but he was also a war hero. He piloted a Higgins Boat landing craft at Tarawa, and he was awarded the Bronze Star for heroism when he braved heavy enemy fire in order to take wounded Marines off of the beach. Albert had to advance through shelling so intense that he was rendered partially deaf for the rest of his life.

Most people will remember him for his acting talent. His valor should not be forgotten.

4 thoughts on “Passing”

  1. While growing up overseas in the seventies and eighties, I relished our summer vacations in America because it gave us a chance to watch American television. Eddie Albert’s show, Green Acres, was one of my favorites.

    Recently Ginny wrote a treatise about Perry Mason, and what his television character revealed about the post-war America male. I wonder what she might write about Olver Wendell Douglas.

    Happy Memorial Day, C-boyz!

  2. We attended a concert Saturday night of a 50s-60s doo-wop nostalgia group. At one point they had the audience singing old TV songs, one being the “Green Acres” theme song. Then the lead singer announced that sadly Eddie ARNOLD (CW singer, still alive as far as I know) had died that week.

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