7 thoughts on “Arachnophilia”

  1. there was a commercial awhile back about some people at a nice restaurant and they saw a bug on the cellphone screensaver of one of their dinner companions and they freaked out and smashed the phone trying to kill the bug on the screen saver…….yea that!! Nice picture, I won’t look at it on my phones web browser thankyouverymuch

  2. The first home I remember – in Southern CA – Studio City – was set on one of those LA hills – that you see some homes with stilts against the steep hill – anyway we got tons of snakes ion the spring – rattle snakes, garter snakes – and Tarantula spiders.

    I remember once we came home at night – went to the front door for some reason and against the white stucco in the moonlight was this dark shadow – my father lights his lighter and it is a big tarantula – 8″ wide?

    You probably wouldn’t like living there Sgt ;-)

  3. I wouldn’t pick up a spider, even a known harmless variety, without extremely strong inducement (lots of cash or a serious threat).

    But I like spiders just fine, as long as I don’t have to hold them and they’re not in the house. We’ve got several garden spiders in the bushes in front of our house, and we always make a point of checking what they’re up to whenever we walk out the front door.

    And we always take the time to admire tarantulas when we encounter them on a hike; there are a few weeks a year when it seems every trail in the local hills (San Francisco Bay area) is in use by tarantulas out looking for mates. As long as you don’t touch them, they trundle along with great determination, even if you walk beside them with a camera. Never saw an 8-incher, but a 4-5 inch span is fairly common.

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