4 thoughts on “Alert the Authorities!”

  1. Let’s assume for a moment that the terrorists are right, and that the West, in particular the United States, are run by Jews through proxy in a grand conspiracy. What do we have in the US? The highest standard of living in the world. A more or less functioning democracy. Almost universal healthcare (with a nominal fee if you have a job). Paved streets almost everywhere you go. Gigantic stores with everything you could want to buy and more. The internet. Universal car ownership. Universal literacy. The list goes on and on. So if the Jews are in fact running the United States through proxy, I’d say they’re doing a bang up job of it, and should keep up the good work.

  2. If there really were Neocons at that convention I’d want a ticket to it.

    Neocons are the only political faction in the country talking any sense.

    Let’s see … the most important business of the State is:

    1. Re-animating Terry Schiavo

    2. Ending Chimpy Bushitler’s reign of terror

    3. Winning the War on Terror and spreading democracy and libertarian values

    And it’s the Neocons who are supposed to be crazy?

  3. I saw those today on La Salle by the Moody Bible Institute. Any idea what those are referencing? Certainly not the political ideology. Is it a play on the term, using it to mean New Convention or something?

  4. Good question. Googling revealed that NeoCon is The National Exposition of Contract Furnishings and has been a regular event at the Merchandise Mart since 1969. So the event the signs advertise predates the political use of the term by several years.

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