Amnesty Travesty II

(Part I is here.)

As Charles at LGF would put it: Amnesty International reaches bottom, digs.

Their website now features “USA: Betraying human rights
Information for journalists related to the US reaction to the Amnesty International Report 2005.” The first item in this press information package is a video interview on the subject of Guantanamo with none other than Noam Chomsky. What, was Osama bin Laden not available?

3 thoughts on “Amnesty Travesty II”

  1. Amnesty International has about as credibility as the UN–none. I wonder how many barrels of oil they got in exchange for this report.

  2. Mitch—

    Bin Ladin wants to kill you. Chomsky wants to persuade you. There is a fundamental diference.

    Our children are not fighting bin Ladin to save your sorry ass. They are fighting and dying to protect and defend the Constitution.

    The single most important provision of the Constitution is the First Amendment, which upholds Chomsky’s right to attempt to persuade you.


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