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  • Propaganda of the Day

    Posted by In-Cog-Nito on June 8th, 2005 (All posts by )

    “The last time the U.S. withheld funds, it led to a huge debt to the U.N. and inhibited our ability to lead within the institution,” Wirth said. “This is like trying to force a bank to renegotiate your home mortgage by refusing to make your monthly payments.”

    Timothy Wirth, president of the United Nations Foundation

    Uh… no. Witholding funds to the U.N. is more akin to a casino withholding credit to a gambling junkie who can’t win and can’t stop.


    5 Responses to “Propaganda of the Day”

    1. ic Says:

      “inhibited our ability to lead within the institution” Is he implying we are leading within the institution now? How delusional! As president/lobbyist of a worthless foundation, I guess he won’t get pay until he makes us pay.

    2. Renegade Republitarian Says:

      Wouldn’t that be awesome. Can you imagine the look on Anon’s face if we placed a bill in the Senate to start to phase out U.N. funding like we do for other useless programs that the politicos are to afraid to stamp out.

    3. incognito Says:

      Stop payment, and start charging them rent and see how long they last. They’re occupying prime Manhatten waterfront real estate after all.

    4. Mitch Says:

      Ralf, you can’t like hearing this. There is still a lot of isolationist sentiment in the US (I’m not immune myself). In all seriousness, though, maybe a “weak form” UN would be better: a central diplomacy clearing house, especially useful for countries that can’t afford embassies in all the world’s capitals. It doesn’t have to be here. In fact, it were better located elsewhere.

      Did you know that the UN has imposed an arms embargo on both sides of the Darfur massacres? I’m willing to bet that the Sudan government is not about to run out of bullets, and their helicopters don’t lack fuel. The UN pulled the same shabby trick in Bosnia, which amounted to leaving the Bosniaks defenseless. Maybe the US will risk the righteous indignation of more advanced societies like France by supplying the Fur with SAMs and AK-47s (maybe the arms we captured in Iraq). I’m sure we would be condemned for unilateralism again, but it would be worth it.

      Giving more money or authority to such a failure is unconscionable.

    5. Sandy P Says:

      They could get a loan from Kojo.