A Smile or Two

Entertainment on a lazy summer weekend: Harry apologizes for the crusades; since he posts today, he did not “fall into a pit full of spikes” and “die miserably, howling like an animal.” BlameBush sees Bush as issuing a pre-emptive strike on Hilary:

Hundreds of breathtakingly beautiful homes destroyed by landslides, which were caused by excessive rains, which were caused by global warming, which is a direct result of Bush’s refusal to sign Kyoto. A score of big money donors to the DNC are now homeless, and on the eve of a Hollywood fundraiser for Hillary, no less.

Manalo has found a picture of Lagerfeld before he sold his soul. And the Crack Young Staff of the Hatemonger’s Quarterly have hired a clairvoyant; this “Rent-a-Prophet” projects “Unfortunate Statements Soon To Be Stated by Stately Howard Dean.” Chris Muir figures Amnesty International’s aim is to get “close enough for government work.”(10) And notes that Dean may be afraid Rove is going to take away his “medical stash” (9). (The link is always to newest but calendar at the bottom gives access to previous ones.)
ScrappleFace’s wit is deepened as he talk of duty to the press. And Iowahawk asks for prayers & thoughts.

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  1. I liked the post, and the items on the other end of the links you provided are worth the time.

    Just thought I’d leave a comment and let you know that your effort was appreciated.


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