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  • Perspective

    Posted by Jonathan on September 30th, 2012 (All posts by )

    Some things are abstract yet concrete. Or is it the other way around.

    The elevated intersection of US Route 595 and the Sawgrass Expressway, Sunrise, Florida. (Copyright 2011 Jonathan Gewirtz



    5 Responses to “Perspective”

    1. Bill Brandt Says:

      You do have that photographer’s eye Jonathan! Take the simple and common place, realize that it isn’t so common – and preserve it! If you ever visit Robert Avrech’s site, – he is a Hollywood screenwriter who, in addition to telling us stories of classic Hollywood , will stroll around his neighborhood – taking similar photographs in hi LA neighborhood.

      If for some way you could put these in a time capsule – as the 100 year old pictures of London – you will be considered an unrecognized genius in your time!

    2. Ginny Says:

      We take for granted the beauty of those great cloverleafs and arcs supporting layers of concrete – it’s neat to see them “foregrounded” – I guess within our every day lives is a lot of strength & beauty we ignore.

    3. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I’ve got one or two nice pictures of concrete pillars and overpasses myself – and some interesting chances to take some more, as they are just now constructing a proper interchange where a main highway to the north intersects the outside ‘ring road’. The city builders and movers of San Antonio always seemed to come to these things decades late … and the resulting redesign and construction obstructs traffic for at least half a decade. But my, isn’t it wonderful when it is done!

    4. Bill Brandt Says:

      Jonathan – with your love of Florida photography I’ll bet you would find his book fascinating. A Wall Street financier, A.W. Dimock, went to an “un-travelled” area of the Everglades in 1910 – had a 37 foot houseboat and darkroom – made some remarkable pictures of the Seminole – there is a book review with some of the pictures

    5. Jonathan Says:

      Thanks, Bill. Looks very interesting.