I got some great responses to this post, including the above, from a gentleman who wishes to be anonymous, and several others below the fold. Check them out.

Our friend Subotai Bahadur sent this one:

Jerry from Valpo, of the excellent Life in the Great Midwest sent this one:

Another gentleman who preferred to remain unnamed submitted this one:

The ChicagoBoyz community is full of amazing talent.

Thank you, Gentlemen!

God bless America. Especially next Tuesday.

11 thoughts on “KEEP CALM AND FINISH HIM”

  1. I still laugh when thinking about how the media tried to spin the Gadsden Flag as racist. One would not expect them to even know that the US Navy jack is the Revolutionary snake over “Dont tread on me” (the missing apostrophe is a historical artifact from the original flag)

    Of course, if they did know, they’d denounce the US Navy as racist. If they don’t already.

  2. Steve Skubinna, of COURSE the Navy is racist. The really short hair they wear is a dogwhistle for all the skinheads out there, and you notice they always wear WHITE, never BLACK? Plus I heard their torpedoes only kill people who aren’t white. Kos should investigate.

  3. I am over here in Afghanistan and there are a bunch of Navy guys with us and they all wear the Gadsen Flag as a patch on their shoulders

  4. Mitch, God bless all of you serving in Afghanistan.

    I am glad to hear the Navy guys are wearing the Gadsden Flag.

    It is one of the oldest symbols of American freedom.

  5. What?

    What do you mean there’s NO “THUMBS UP!” BUTTON!?!!

  6. Like, big time! But there’s still so mich to do. We can’t settle for Obama light! We have to see a return to the principles that made this country unique, and exceptional. There’s been way too little oratory relaed to principles, and too much about “issues” What do you think? What principles matter to you? Liberty? Freedom? Individuality? Property? Wealth creation over its distribution? So much more never discussed. Pray, if you’re a deist, for this REPUBLIC!

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