A few miles downstream from Pittsburgh

Here is a coal barge on the Ohio River, today.

I note that they are flying the Gadsden flag.

I hope they and their families, and other like-minded folks in Ohio and Pennsylvania, vote to end the self-inflicted war on American energy production.

Thanks to ChicagoBoyz reader Bob Skinner for the picture. Bob half-expected our Commander in Chief to call in a drone strike on these guys, partly for the yucky coal, but mostly for the flag.

This election is a nail biter. I am struggling not to obsess.

God bless America.

18 thoughts on “A few miles downstream from Pittsburgh”

  1. West Virginia has enough coal to last 300 years Wonder which way all these union guys – in the mines, power plants, transportation – are going to vote.

    Over the years this entire situation has amazed me – why would you want to kill an industry when all you gave is promises to replace it? With nothing on the horizon.

    Bunch of clowns making policy with no background in economics.

  2. It is not just the coal miners that are out of work with the “war on Coal”. Just what will the coal barges ship when the is no coal as it was shut down.

  3. Creating crisis is easier to profit off of than creating stability and more investment in the economy. This is what the Democrats with big pockets like to capitalize on. George Soros? Broke the Bank of England for example. Why do you think they don’t let a crisis go to waste?

  4. Soros started the “Asian Contagion” by making a run on several currencies and forcing the devaluation of the Indonesian currency. After that made him billions he made a run on the Pound Sterling forcing the British to defend. Soros has outstanding arrest warrants in several countries including Russia and I believe he’s wanted in France. But when you are a self loathing Jew who helped the Nazi’s for money and advantage against his own people his other deeds are hardly surprising.

  5. “It is not just the coal miners that are out of work with the “war on Coal”. Just what will the coal barges ship when the is no coal as it was shut down.”

    They will ship food stamps to and fro.

  6. To any Democrats reading this… All you have to do is look at the polls and see that Romney has absolutely no chance whatsoever. Consequently, you can stay home, you’ll need your strength for the celebration party Tuesday night. Remember, even in the most hotly contested states, one vote won’t make any difference, and you can always tell folks you voted. It’s not like your friends are going to check the voter registration records. And even if they do, just bareface it out and demand that you were there, and any record problem is the fault of the republican idiots running the voting station.

    To any Republicans reading this… be sure to go vote so your friends won’t be able to blame you during the inevitable defeat. After the loss, they’ll be looking for people to blame, don’t be one of them. Also, be sure to remind all your conservative friends and neighbors to vote, so they don’t get blamed either. Remember, conservatives tend to be lousy liars, so you’d better just vote. Repubs are also pretty nosey, and your friends WILL check the voting records. Just go vote, it’s easier.

  7. Even if we were able to get the Fed-EPA-Obama… control freaks out of the way, the states, counties and city halls have been one-upping it all. They’re signing all of this “sustainability” control regime into law, working to make modernity illegal. Big Government is here, there and everywhere.

  8. The wonderful thing about stupid local municipalities and states is one can leave them if they do whole hog Greenie.

    That is not true is the Feds go Greenie.

    In a case where the Fed pole ax the EPA, states and municipalities that don’t go Greenie will reap huge economic and tax revenue benefits from a better economy while the Greenie states and municipalities go bankrupt.

  9. I am a current resident of West Virginia. Obama did not win our state in 2008 and he won’t win this time. While driving back to my home state of Wisconsin in September, I observed many “Save Coal, Fire Obama” signs not only in West Virginia but also Eastern Ohio. Eastern Ohio is generally Democrat but they have made an error in so vocally being opposed to coal. Hopefully, it will cost Obama dearly in this election.

  10. Chris, I disagree about the Navy jack versus the Gadsden flag. The Gadsden flag has become a symbol of resistance to government power at this point. It is distinctive, it is noticeable at a distance. Both the color and the rattlesnake and the motto are elements that can be mixed with other things. Also, I just like the Gadsden flag more. I have always felt it was our second national flag after the stars and stripes, and it was especially the flag of freedom and resistance to tyranny. Results may differ for others.

  11. I favor the Navy jack – definitely our favorite flag. However, the Gadsden has clearly taken over as THE symbol of resistance and with the distinctive yellow color, it is the “go to”, for now.

  12. This one IS NOT a nail biter. I am sorry you will not accept the evidence presented to you by your lying eyes. but it is Romney in a landslide. True, everyone with an agenda is trying to convince you otherwise. Sure we have to keep our intensity, but at this stage that is no longer in question. I plan to watch results on MSNBC as I want to see Chris’ tingle turn into 50,000 volts @ 5000 amp which will exit his body through his head, causing an explosion. Comedy gold. Relax, you have worked hard, tomorrow you reap and then there is the festival of the harvest.

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