It is NEVER Over



This was never going to be easy.

No despair, please.

Planning for a four year guerrilla struggle, yes, that.

Finding a candidate who is not simply better-than-Dole. Yes, that, too.

Mao was correct. If phase 3 open warfare does not work, resume phase 2 guerrilla operations and phase 1 training and indoctrination.

Mr. Obama is a target rich entity. The mess he has now inherited is his own. Make him own it.

There is no reason to think this would ever be easy.

Chins up, please.

No regrets, please.

It was cold at Valley Forge.

It took a long time to turn it around.

We did not want this moment, but its ours.


We are up to it.

“These are not dark days, they are great days.”

Be happy.

15 thoughts on “It is NEVER Over”

  1. The trend line is clear.

    Given a stark choice of the future of America (others’ words, not my own), the American people have again voted for Communism, as consistently today as they have for the past eighty years. With such profound misunderstandings about the nature of the good and of reality, what else can one expect?

    It seems screaming “racist, sexist, homophobe” (the modern equivalent to heretic) is almost effective as screaming “Juden.” Half the American voters and almost all its intelligensia and nomenkatura believe in the new morality and new reality, in with that morality and in that reality all of us shall dwell.

  2. The results of the election are perfect for the D’s and Obama. A Republican house inhabited by squishes is a great fall guy for anything that Democrats want to avoid blame for. Democrats will control the agenda and Boener will fall in line. For republicans that .5 victory and Senate Dems are a great excuse to reach across the aisle to shaft conservatives.

  3. not to quote Sr Winston here but facing the grim reality of converting this blessed land we have into a socialdemocrat state like Greece or a new Cuba.. we shall stand up and keep fighting trying …

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery……

    we shall not flag or fail.
    We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in…., we shall fight on ….. , we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength ….., we shall defend our liberty. We shall fight on …..
    We shall never surrender….

  4. We have lost the First American Republic. Arguably, it was lost in 2008 if not a bit sooner. It cannot be reconstituted, nor should it be in its faults that led to its fall.

    Guerrilla warfare pre-supposes survival of the loss of phase 3 warfare. We do not have time to do anything right now, nor the means to do so. The Fiscal Cliff is upon us. Taxes are about to shoot up, even if we do nothing. Sequestration will slash jobs. Right now, there is no hope of even slowing the implementation of Obamacare, and businesses are responding to the threat. I know of two small businesses that started shutting down today in my town [watched one start loading fixtures on a truck], and I have not had a chance to check on some others I know of. The larger businesses in our town started pushing as many full time workers as possible to part time [less than 30 hours a week, in practice 25-28 hours] two weeks ago to avoid the penalties. And Boehner, Reid, and Obama are all talking about raising taxes.

    This being an economics blog too, everybody here can see what is about to hit.

    The Tsunami is coming. And we cannot fight it, right now. We can only hope to survive. I admit that I am yanking Leftist’s chains right now. I am wearing a T-shirt I made with a graphic and the phrases; “Boycott Democrat Owned Businesses.” and “Make Democrats as poor as they make us.” And I am smilingly telling those who brag that they won; that they will get what they voted for, good and hard.

    After some, “interesting times”, maybe those who survive can work on building the Second American Republic, on firmer foundations.

    But now is the time to hunker down and avoid the waves while watching the Left drown too.

    Subotai Bahadur

  5. I want to focus on trying to restore a government in this country based on the US constitution as it is written, not as some bunch of black-robed idiots claim that it is. I have purchased the following domain names. Which one do you like best?

  6. Once upon a time, when the blogosphere was young, I, being a lefty liberal, went over to DailyKos to check it out. I dind’t last more than a few days, becoming deeply annoyed at the immaturity, the over-the-top rhetoric, the downright nuttiness of some (and it was only some, but a loud some) of the contributors.

    I gotta say – you guys make them seem like calm, rational beings.

    Seriously – are there no restraints whatsoever on the crazy side of your field? Do y’all just stand by and let your fellows spiral into the type of madness we see above? Is their no wise counsel to be had for those who feel overwhelmed by what should be a normal event – losing an election? Hey, I had to deal with Reagan being elected, reelected, and then Bush. Then the other Bush winning what he should not have won. And all that transpired. And no, I did not advocate boycotting Republican businesses, or instituting the Second Republic or mutter about Mao and guerrilla warfare.

    What is wrong with you people?

  7. Joe,

    Do y’all just stand by and let your fellows spiral into the type of madness we see above?

    Setting aside the ad hominem, is it your assertion that any inflammatory comment that does not generate a direct rebuttal has the tacit agreement of every poster and commenter on this blog?

    If so, are you willing to apply that same standard to other sites? Perhaps you could give an example of a lefty site that you recommend, and I’ll have a look through the comments there.

    I think it’s telling that you gave up on the discussions at the DailyKos, but you persist in commenting here. How do you reconcile that with your statement that the dialog here is of lower quality?

  8. “Setting aside the ad hominem, is it your assertion that any inflammatory comment that does not generate a direct rebuttal has the tacit agreement of every poster and commenter on this blog?”

    Sort of. Not necessarily any and every inflammatory comment. But addressing the sum of them? Yeah. I guess that is what we mean by “tacit” consent.

    “How do you reconcile that with your statement that the dialog here is of lower quality?”

    Its more frustrating here because in general, I sense that posters and commenters here are well-educated, literate, and often quite articulate people. Not a bunch of kids hanging around the bong. That makes me sense that perhaps y’all are reachable – not in the sense that I imagine I could persuade any of you of very much, but that maybe I could entice you back into the real world so that we could have some meaningful discussion, rather than hurling stuff.

    It never ceases to amaze me how “the crazy” has infected so much of the right these days. Of course it has always been present on the extremes of both sides – on the extremes of every side. But never in my memory have I seen it metastasize into the “mainstream” grownup, “respectable” quarters of any group the way it has on the political right, especially over these past four years.

    My gawd how profoundly important it has been that Obama won this election. For all of you, most of all. YOU have a second chance, every bit as much as he does. Can you imagine if this behavior of the right, over the past four years, had been rewarded with the White House? You might never have been able to come back from that….

  9. Joe,

    So, you choose to comment on this site because the discussion is educated, literate, articulate, and crazy.

    Fair enough…I guess.

    But you didn’t address my other request: give us an example of a respectable site with posts and comments that roughly reflect your political views. You have the whole Internet to choose from. Then we can all compare and contrast the tone and content of that site and this one.

    I’m completely serious about this. If you cough up a link, we might all really learn something from one another. If you don’t, then you’ve outed yourself as a worthless troll.

  10. I don’t think I’ll let moochers, feebs, and self-servers rule me. It may lead in trouble in my life sooner or later, I’m afraid.

  11. “…give us an example of a respectable site with posts and comments that roughly reflect your political views.”

    If he could, then you would probably not want to read any of it, so web 2.0.

    There is only a feed, not a link. Perhaps, for you, it would be interesting to read from some of his feed, if he would provide it.

  12. I strongly advocate giving up on the system. Don’t vote. Don’t protest. Don’t argue with your co-workers. The only way to change things is by doing nothing. Hand the Progs the country, pull back, hoard food and supplies, and let the country go down the shitter. It is going to happen, so let it happen sooner rather than later. When it comes time to pick up the pieces, we Conservatives are the ones who will do it while the progs and the policies of laziness and government dependency are left holding the blame bag by the masses.

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