15 thoughts on “On a brighter note”

  1. ‘Tis not to be missed …

    … nothing quite like it anywhere else.

    If you pick the right family to hang with …

    … it’s worth the round trip.

    More than worth it.

  2. I’m a retired clinical psychologist and now conflict expert…I enjoy very much getting involved in other people’s conflicts and give tools and ideas to solve
    them. Conflicts are great to foster our self-growth!

    so, if you haven’t thought about it before, I’m inviting you to go
    out and get yourself a good enemy. Then, you can get to know yourself,
    what are your goals in life, your values and how to manage real anger in a productive way.
    What else can you wish for? Appreciate your enemy today, for teaching you so many things.
    … And, if you manage to solve the dispute and reconcile, its time to find another enemy!

  3. “And, if you manage to solve the dispute and reconcile, its time to find another enemy!”

    You’re just looking for work !

    A joke. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and thanks to C-boyz for their many kindnesses to an old man who talks too much.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all who contribute to this very fine corner of the interweb. One of the many things this public school educated son of a migrant is thankful for is the ability to read the thoughts and perspectives of the posters here. Even if I may disagree with some of those thoughts.

    Oh, I’m also grateful I’m not a Cubs fan.

  6. Thanks Helen and thanks much for your previous grim post. And of course you are welcome in Texas – perhaps between the German hill country of Sgt Mom and the Aggie Czechs we could entertain you here.

  7. And if you come to San Antonio … I’d give you a personal tour of various historical sites. Texas is a wonderful place, pay no mind to what the BBC and all says about us!

  8. The BBC bought Lonely Planet a few years ago. The Lonely Planet guide for Texas now warns one to be very cautious about what you say there. Texas has liberal gun laws and if you say the wrong thing someone might draw on you. I didn’t make this one up.
    Most of what the Euro chattering class says about the US is Bull-dooky. Come on over here again. Also, don’t forget Texas which is quite interesting.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all! And you are always welcome in Ohio.

    We had an unexpected visitor at our family’s Thanksgiving yesterday. He was a nice young man from San Antonio TX who is a temporary transplant in Ohio and works with one of my cousins. She wouldn’t let him sit alone in his apartment, so she brought him along. The more the merrier in our family. Our total this year was 67 for dinner with another 6 or 8 showing up later.

    It’s loud and confusion reigns, but there is laughter, good food, football games on tv, and good conversation.

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