3 thoughts on ““Get It Done While You Can””

  1. Ya, Carpe Diem. But which diem do I carpe? There are so many… :-D

  2. I take two points from this. One, if you happen to be visiting a cool place don’t assume you will ever be able to return there; do as much of what you want to do as you can, now. Two, when you’ve got everything dialed in and your productivity is at its max, don’t assume it will stay that way; do as much work as you can, while you can. Shorter version: make hay while the sun shines.

  3. That is a good piece and exactly the reason I have gone to France to cycle in the Pyrenees the last two years and plan on doing it again this year. Eventually I won’t be able to do it and as the article says, the window will be closed.

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