5 thoughts on “An Old Building in Portland”

  1. Hmm. A forensic note here: I’ve inspected old concrete structures. Old concrete was generally formed with individual planks in that era – and I don’t see that here. It is too smooth, like modern plywood form work.

    I’m not saying it is bogus, they could have finished it smooth that way, the techniques and skills existed, but it is a bit odd.

  2. I don’t believe that this is concrete. It seems clear that these are block/brick walls covered in some type of mortar or stucco material, troweled smooth. In several of the photos where there are holes (3rd, 7th and 11th photos), you can see other material and in some you can clearly see the outline of block, especially the 22nd photo down.

  3. Mike, thinking it over, you are probably right. Rough concrete collects dust and dirt, not the sort of things you want dropping into printing presses. It makes sense to go through the expense of finishing in that case, not so odd.

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