11 thoughts on “Jerk of the Day”

  1. Yow. What a disgusting piece. Both ill-timed and tin-eared.

    As I commented on the post: “The Kennedys: how the mighty have fallen.”

  2. RFK has always been a most eloquent spokesman for the global “Reality-Based” community.

    Ah! (Big sigh of relief.) I feel so much better knowing he’s watching out for the people of Louisiana, and the rest of us in America. /sarcasm

  3. Back in the 70’s, my grandfather commented that a politician would claim credit for God’s rain and blame the drought on his opponent. The comment was funny at the time because it seemed hyperbolic to assert that politicians would blame each other for the weather.

    My how times have changed.

  4. I don’t think anyone doubts the world has been slowing warming – for the last 14,000 years – but to connect the governor’s lack of support for Kyoto with the effects of Katrina… Unbelievable.

    Next, the Democrats will be blaming Bush for 9/11, saying he planned it or something.

  5. My, how quickly we forget. Here’s a quick NWS history of Hurricane landfalls near or on New Orleans from 1519 to 1800.

    One gripping exerpt:

    August 24th, 1780: A hurricane worse than the August 1779 storm swept over the province of Louisiana striking New Orleans; destroying crops, tearing down buildings and sinking every vessel and boat afloat on the Mississippi River and on area lakes.

    (R)esidents wrote the Spanish sovereign not to abandon the country regardless of the adverse blows of nature.

    Kyoto? WTF.

  6. I’d say that more has been done to contribute to global warming by drunken idiots skiing into and killing trees…..

  7. The quotation in the title of RFK Jr.’s post is from Hosea 8:7. In context, it is Hosea’s metaphorical description of what happens to people who violate God’s covenant, i.e. the Ten Commandments. Personally, I think every Kennedy should stay as far away as he can from anything that reminds people of those consequences, or he should go back and read the whole book of Hosea, taking it to heart.

  8. Oh, you guys are simply embarrassed that GWB can’t perform as a President Kerry would have!

    President Kerry would have stopped the storm in its tracks. No destruction; no death.

    Second best scenario: President Kerry would have redirected the storm to neighborhoods where only Evil Wealthy People lived. That way, they’d have plenty of money to rebuild their homes and replace property. Plus – they’d deserve whatever they got, anyway.

    A little surprised that someone with as much wisdom as RFK jr. wouldn’t point this out to everyone.

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