5 thoughts on “Shooting Stances…”

  1. Getting the insults right is tough. I do wonder a bit about both thumbs on the slide. I tend to put both hands lower.

  2. I had shot rifles since I 1was 12 and when I got a pistol some 30 years later thought it would be easy. Not so ;-)

  3. Glenn Reynolds has a post about going shooting. I weighed in with a post on my own shooting expedition. It seems to be the thing to do. I’m going to take my Walther PPK to the range tomorrow to see if the new magazine (low capacity) solved the jamming problem. If not, it goes back to the gunsmith.

    Then there is that Colt 1911, I’ve been thinking about for tomorrow afternoon. I figured the gun store would be jammed today. Boy, that Obama can sure sell guns.

  4. What if the other cracker dealer grabs his package, and shoots you in your package? Do these pharm reps wear package protection? Is pepper spray involved after that? Is this kind of like Sumo wrestling with the rice throwing? Are sexual threats made about the other dealers’ girlfriends?
    What are the boundaries and rules to this Kabuki Noire?

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