Slow Loading Blog Pages: BlogAds Server Issues, Poor Blog Template Coding or ?

I love BlogAds, but sometimes it looks like their servers are slow and that that problem sometimes causes our blog to hang, on my browser anyway, when it’s loading. As an experiment, I removed the BlogAds from the ChicagoBoyz front page while leaving them on the individual-archive pages (e.g., this one) and our Contributors’ page. The result, for me at least, is that the page without the ads loads much faster. The question that I have for readers is, do you experience any of the same difficulty with slow-loading pages that I am experiencing? I’d really like to figure out what the problem is, so that I can fix it. I hope it’s the result of a coding error on my part.

UPDATE: OK, first update ever before I published a post. I see that the slow-loading problem has disappeared for the moment. That suggests that a server issue is responsible. At any rate this problem is intermittent, so I am not reassured by its current absence.

UPDATE2: I’m deactivating BlogAds from all pages until the problem is resolved.

3 thoughts on “Slow Loading Blog Pages: BlogAds Server Issues, Poor Blog Template Coding or ?”

  1. I realise that the presence of adverts within your blog are a source of revenue, but at the same time are a continuing nuisance for the many readers, and commenters to your usually excellent posts, who do not really wish to be diverted from the reasons why they visit your site in the first place!

    In the long run, the continued presence of advertising material is, to my own way of thinking, a deterrent to either the purchase or use of the goods or services advertised!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Do you find the ads to be a nuisance because they slow the loading of the blog, or is it the mere presence of ads, irrespective of their effect on blog performance, that detracts from your experience reading the blog? It seems that you mean the latter but I can’t tell.

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