4 thoughts on “Yellow-Crowned Night Heron”

  1. Gorgeous. I once owned 10 acres on Vashon Island that had a huge Blue Heron rookery on one corner of the property, fortunately away from where I had planned to build the house. Never moved there but it was a beautiful spot. Some people worry about rookeries like that but it was in an area that I had no intention of building on. I don’t know about the present owner.

  2. Here on the Gulf Coast we have a lot of Crested Night Herons. Similar but less colorful with longer neck and beak. Don’t get close to the beak, it’s a weapon.

  3. Beautiful images, as always. I’ve never seen one of these. Accustomed to the Great Blue, and the shorter Green. Always amazing to watch them fishing at the water’s edge, remaining statue-like until the prey gets within range, and then, a blur of motion.

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