Chicago Buildings on a Rare Sunny Winter Day

I recently walked about town with my new Pentax K-01 camera recommended by Jonathan over at Chicago Boyz and even read a bit of the manual (a shock!), and found a custom setting for “blue sky”. The camera took far better pictures than I was used to although I am still having trouble fitting what I want to see into the frame since I am used to a tiny (crappy) digital camera.

Here is 900 North Michigan with the distinctive 4 spires on top and the Chicago city flag blowing in the breeze.

The Allerton hotel with the iconic “Tip Top Tap” bar on the roof, and the Hancock in the background.

The classic Fourth Presbyterian Church with the Park Tower in the background.

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5 thoughts on “Chicago Buildings on a Rare Sunny Winter Day”

  1. I used to go the Tip Top Tap when it was the highest spot in the city. I think the Standard Oil building was there but that was the only taller building. A really long time ago we used to lie on the beach in Michigan and watch the Lindbergh Beacon, on top of the Palmolive building, sweep overhead. That’s now the Playboy building and I doubt anyone still knows about the Lindbergh connection.

  2. And thanks to Jonathan for recommending the camera

    Although I am afraid that I am going to lose the little lens cap can’t believe I haven’t lost it already.

    I bought a camera bag over at best buy for 20 bucks.

    I walk around town with it around my neck (or did a couple times at least) as if I am a real “HCB” ha ha

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