3 thoughts on “Diversion – Paint Rock, Texas”

  1. Paint Rock is just one of the numerous tiny West Texas towns just like it. I grew up in Garden City, about 100 miles to the west of Paint Rock. The oil boom has not hit Paint Rock yet, but when it does, and it’s moving that way, It too will experience a growth that it has not seen in 50 years. Garden City was always in the oil patch and it’s slow growth stalled and declined with the oil bust in the 1990’s. Now, it’s booming again, and might even grow enough for the school to have to go back to playing 11 man football (6 man now, just like Paint Rock)in a few years.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised at all, Joe – although Paint Rock seems to be in better shape than some of the other little towns to the South of San Antonio. We’ve been going back and forth every year to Goliad, and we’ve noticed the uptick in activity, in the towns and in the places where they are pumping oil. Lots of man-camps, refurbished rv-campgrounds, and residential motels. There were some towns that looked to have had one foot in the grave, five years ago that are looking in much better shape now.

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